"So you just write?"

UC Writers is a club dedicated to supporting emerging writers at the University of Canberra. We provided writing time, editing workshops, an online zine, guest speakers, and social events. We meet up every Thursday from 5:00-7:00 pm during the semester. All information regarding upcoming meetings and events can be found on our website's calendar or our Facebook page. Keep an eye out!

Meet the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the leadership body of UC Writers. Generally speaking they spearhead new initiatives, and take their proposals to the General Committee to be ratified (or not). Each member of the Executive Committee has their own portfolio of staff, projects, and responsibilities to manage.

Lucy Monaghan


(The Go-To)

William Pieper

Vice President

(The Other Go-To)

Rachel Nell

Rachel Nell


(Market Day Queen and Social Media Wizard)

Rachel's superpowers have evolved since last we saw her. She has now achieved the rank of Chief Wizard of the West.

Alysha Ledger


(Email Correspondent and Minute Magician)