Intro to Things that aren’t Doug’s Research

Hey, how’s it going?

My name’s Doug. I’m a former president and co-founder of UC Writers. I’m neck-deep in a PhD candidature (and managing Analecta!) and haven’t been able to devote as much time to UCW as I’d like. That’s one reason why I’m writing to you today. The other reason is a conversation I had with my PhD supervisor a while back.

It’s pretty common for researchers to keep notes documenting the stray thoughts and ideas they pick up along the periphery of their study—inspired by their research, but not directly relevant. Sometimes this simply to get the ideas out of the way so you can go back to the relevant work, but often researchers (particularly research students) find that the direction of their research has shifted, and a related area of interest which they hadn’t considered strictly relevant is suddenly a pillar of their thesis.

Of course my supervisor is very much aware of this trend among research students and he suggested a blog as a way for me to document my ideas and—if necessary—pick them up later. It’s an idea that I toyed with for a while, but since I already have a lot of pet projects kinda-but-not-really related to my thesis, I didn’t want to commit to producing content regularly. however has a large pool of contributors, so it doesn’t matter if I write regularly or not.

I’m looking forward to writing a little less formally than I usually have to, and hopefully you’ll find something of interest in the rambles to come. Thanks for joining me.


tldr: I’m going to be sharing research ideas/discoveries in this space, from time to time.

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