KSP Writers’ Centre Residency

Hey Folks,

An interesting opportunity has been passed our way by the writing faculty. It’s for a residency program at the Katharine Susannah Prichard writers’ centre–specifically their ‘Next Gen’ category. Bullet points are:

$500 Salary

‘CV credit’ and ‘promotional exposure’

An ‘inspirational space to progress work away from the pressures of everyday life’ (free rent!)

To be eligible to apply you must be:

Under 25

A ‘talented writer’

Have published material under your belt

Working towards a major full-length publication

A financial member of KSP

So what’s the catch? There’s the usual author-talks and readings and workshops that writers residences thrive on, but there’s also the financial membership. Applying for the residency doesn’t cost anything, but KSP membership (for those of us interstate in the ACT) costs $30 (it doesn’t specify a membership term, so it could be one year or it could be lifetime). You’d also have to fund your own travel to the KSP residence in Perth and buy your own food while there.

Membership does come with some other perks (like the newsletter), and if those interest you (or you’re super keen on doing a residency and have the money to spare) you can find more information at http://www.kspwriterscentre.com/residency-program and http://www.kspwriterscentre.com/membership.

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